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Sky TV to go satellite dish-free in 2018 - BBC News

So, full parallel running between Satellite and Internet is upon us ...... just how long before Satellite becomes redundant for carrying TV and Radio?
Evening all,

I've spent the most of this evening setting up my new Vu+ Zero receiver after my Openbox finally packed in lat weekend. I'm slowly getting to grips with it but there's one annoyance that I can't seem to avoid an I wondered if anyone knew of a way of stopping it - Basically once it finishes a satellite scan and brings up a list of newly added channels, as soon as I press 'Exit' on the remote control and return to TV, it will move the motor back to the channel I was watching before (on another satellite). Really frustrating when I've scanned 30W for example and without having a chance to check out the channels, it starts moving back to 42E!

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a button I need to press on the remote to make it 'hold' the satellite I've just scanned or perhaps a plugin that prevents this from happening?

Also, slightly different to my original question - I've only now discovered that the Vu+ Zero does not have a blind scan function whereas the...
Route: Dakar

Dakar 2017: Full Schedule
Stage Date Depart Arrive
1 = 2 January Asuncion Resistencia
2 = 3 January Resistencia San Miguel de Tucuman
3 = 4 January San Miguel de Tucuman San Salvador de Jujuy
4 = 5 January San Salvador de Jujuy Tupiza
5 = 6 January Tupiza Oruro
6 = 7 January Oruro La Paz
= 8 January La Paz Rest Day
7 = 9 January Rest Day Uyuni
8 = 10 January Uyuni Salta
9 = 11 January Salta Chilecito
10 = 12 January Chilecito San Juan
11 = 13 January San Juan Rio Cuarto
12 = 14 January Rio Cuarto Buenos Aires

Route: Dakar

Possible feeds on these satellites
10 east
7 east
30 west

Regular broadcasts each day on Eurosport 1 & 2
I have not found any threads about that sat. Flysat states its position is 1.9e.
Some members will be happy seeing coverage maps some will be disappointed... Anyway it is here Bulgaria sat

Launch date was supposed to be somewhere in the end of this year but due recent launch failure it is delayed ...
Two sellers of illegal BSkyB have been jailed for 3.5 years. Leon Passlow and Simon Hopkins were found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud after obtaining hundreds of cards under false pretences and then selling them on illegally to businesses.

Between January 2008 and September 2012 Passlow and Hopkins sold a number of BSkyB viewing cards to pubs, bookmakers and other businesses so that they could screen Premier League football to their clientèle. However, the cards that the two men sold were only intended for domestic use and had been obtained by the duo under fake names.

They operated a fully-fledged and profitable business selling illegal viewing cards, trading as a Limited Company called Digicam. They used fake names to fraudulently obtain hundreds of domestic BSkyB viewing cards, and then sold them on for use in place of more expensive commercial viewing licenses. This resulted in an estimated £591,000 worth of lost earnings for BSkyB. According to paperwork recovered from...
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