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Put the beers in the fridge, put your feet up and get ready for the biggest contest Premiership football has seen in a long time. The countdown has most certainly begun as BT and Sky fight to become the ultimate place to go, to watch all the live action from the Barclays Premier League 2013/14. This is certainly a derby not to be missed.

Not two media providers that normally go hand in hand but BT is fighting hard against Sky with the launch of their BT Sports channels this Thursday.

Over a year ago, BT wasn’t even a contender in the world of sports broadcasting but they have tackled Sky in the finals and scored the best goal of the season as they win the rights to showcase Premiership games. This is a win that will go down in history.

John Petter, Head of BT’s Consumer Division is absolutely thrilled. Sky potentially underestimated the potential BT had in winning this fight. On top of claiming a share of rights to broadcast Premiership games they also managed to get their...
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