16e footy feed test progdvb

Sir Bronking

Sir Bronking

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hi guy's just got in (darts again) ding well at the mo were in final of 3 a side, final of 5 a side , semi's next wed 9 a side, top of league with 6 games to...... sorry i digress

anyway, over the last couple of week's i've been looking at feed's for footy games and have compiled a list as i've gone along,
well it seem's 16e is the flavour of the month so ive compiled an ini file for progdvb (lancelot found bolton tonight (well done m8:D , and the transponder was on the list as it had been used a couple of times before) indeed a few have cropped up on more than one occasion. so with this in mind, please feel free to put file in transponder section of progdvb and keep scanning these for channels at the weekend to see if we can locate any footy, then report back here (as you may know feed's are switched on and off and somebody who sweeps at 2'oclock may miss one, and somebody who sweep's 30secs later may find it,
i think this would be a good exercise to see if the list is working and beneficial and if it's worth carrying forward with diff sat's (ini files) and constantly updating this file

many thanx in advance

ps, i would have dished it out tonight, but didn't have the time