$17 for 100k Gil ON ANY server FOR FFXI



WEBSITE http://w w w . g o e b a y . c o m
WEBSITE http://w w w . g o e b a y . c o m
WEBSITE http://w w w . g o e b a y . c o m


Get some Gils and concentrate on what's important, leveling up.
Don't be fooled by promises of infinite gil strategy guides or 15k to 20k in hour strategy. Remember that those strategies require you to have 2 or some times 3 characters in the game to make Gils. You will be forced to run around and doing repetitive task over and over again instead of actually playing the game and enjoying yourself, you will feel like a stock broker in hell. Also you have to remember that the auction house will only allow you to put a few items at a time and you have to wait and wait for things to sell to put new items you receive. So do yourself a favor and get Gils the easy way and concentrate on playing the game and enjoying it. After all isn't it why you started playing in a first place?

The Prices are the same for Any Server.
Gils will be delivered to your mog house within 24 hours, usually much sooner, of a cleared payment.

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