3D Blu-ray system demoed at SID

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Jun 26, 2007
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TDVision Systems, the 3D technologycompany, has been busy showcasing some of its new tech at the LA-based SID (Societyfor Information Display) 2008.
Since 2001, TDVision has been tryingto find ways to integrate 3D into hi-def home-cinema setups. This year’s demonstrationof its TDVCodec showed that it is now possible to view your normal Blu-raydiscs in 3D.
Another dimension
How is this done? According to thecompany, the TDVCodec allows “HD-3D compatibility with existing 2Dinfrastructures, having the same Blu-ray disc, read by any existing Blu-rayplayer as a 2D video stream in full High Definition, without any loss inquality, color, frame rate or resolution.”
Cutting through the press releasewaffle, this essentially means that by adding a TDVReady decoder to an existingBlu-ray setup, you can have a 3D experience at home.
The 3D system is compatible with televisions that house TexasInstruments 3D DLP chips. At the moment, Samsung and Mitsubishi are the only TVmanufacturers using these chips.
TDVision Systems has yet to announcea release date and price for the decoder.
3D Blu-ray
Those who wish to view 3D Blu-rays without expensive modificationsto their HD setup will be glad to hear that the first-ever 3D Blu-ray disc hasbeen announced for release and it’s, er, Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus: BestOf Both World’s Concert Tour.
Though TechRadar has yet to sample the delights of HannahMontana and her cohorts, we do suspect that this isn’t really the release toprove Blu-ray’s 3D capabilities, but at least it does show that filmmakers aregetting serious about 3D. None more so than James Cameron whose 3D-shot Avataris set to be released December 2009.