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3G Mobiles


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My Satellite Setup
Sky HD, TM6800HD, Manhattan Plaza ST550 and TM1500 CI+. 1.0m dish and 36v motor, Panasonic DVD HDD recorder and Panasonic video/DVD recorder. Sony G800 HD TV stand/surround system + Sony KDL40W2000. Infinity USB, Elvis, CAS1, CAS2.
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Greater London
If anyone has the odd £500 to spare why not invest in a 3G mobile phone and report on it here. ;)

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Suffering fools just so you don't have to
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My Satellite Setup
A little less analogue, and a lot more crap.
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UK South East
Sorry blown all the housekeeping this month (and I think most of next)

Luckily a law has just been passed today that shpould reduce the number of 'spam' text messages and future anonymous streaming ads.

I am sure additional restrictions will be put into place that penalise anyone from driving and playing streaming video

If anyone has a spare £500 to donate I will gladly test one but I am sceptical of the advantages of this type of communication - whats wrong with a pager ?