4 lnb multiple feed dish

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hi, ...
i'm situated in the west of ireland and have a 1.0 metre dish, with a recently new free to air triax reciever, soon to upgrade to a friends echostar cam/card reciever, in a few months.

i'm looking for a multiple lnb holder to accomadate 4 lnb's.

i have standard universal lbs's with a noise ratio of 0.6dB and range of 9750 - 12700 pushed through a 4 way diseqc switch i purchased recently.

the satellite's i'm after, i figure, are the astra 28, astra 19, hotbird 13 and one other, which i'm not sure that will offer free to air.

i'm wondering if all universal lnb's are good enough and for free to air channels and what would be a good choice for the forth.

considering i'm good friends with a sat installer, getting him to lend some help with allignment will make life easier.

is all this a worth while option ?