A call for WiFi to be banned in New Mexico

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Jun 26, 2007
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A group in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has reportedly complained to authorities that WiFi technology in the town is making people ill. Because of this, they want the tech to be banned.
Lead by well-known activist Arthur Firstenberg, the group are calling for WiFi accessibility to be taken out of all public buildings, starting with libraries.
Speaking about the health effects of the technology, Firstenberg said: “I walk in, get a headache and I get chest pain and it doesn't go away right away.”
According to VDU Net, the group claim to be electro-sensitive and, because of this, they are being discriminated against under the Americans with Disabilities act.
No apparent WiFi health risks
This is not the first time that WiFi has been branded a health risk. Just last year a report by the Times newspaper found that parents were worried about the health risks involved in implementing the technology into schools.
This report was followed by a government study into WiFi that found no apparent health problems associated with wireless connections.