A Free SoftCam.Key Combiner Editor!



Hi All, especially those Key Finder Friends !

I'm gonna write a program to combine or merge two or more SOFTCAM Key files.

This can either be a desktop program or a php/asp web page for you all to use for FREE!

But I don't exactly know how those Softcam.Key files work.

I need those key-finder professionals' help for this to be done...

For now, those are sure to be done :

* Combine both files into one single file
* Sort this file in ascending order, etc.
* Disregard the remaining of the lines if encountered a semicolon ;
* Eliminate the duplicates
* Filter in or filter out satellites if found a keyword. i.e. HOTBIRD, or 13°
* but what if...

- one or more unique key is found
- updates of the key found
- what else to consider ?

Please help me do that, you ALL GONNA LIKE THIS AND REGULARLY USE IT.

(considering different all-recently-updated-but-different softcam.key files with unique and needed TP keys, downloaded from different web-sites)

Looking forward to get the consultancy I require to achieve this from you...