A Little Help? Sky Digital

OK, I have a WinTV Nova, on a Sky Digital dish (fixed) pointed at I think 19.2E I'm currently running MyTheatre which I eventually got to work! Unfortunately, all the keys etc available (Using Yankse) don't seem to be doing much. Now i'm not trying to get all the PPV channels or anything like that, but I would like to be able to watch ITV, Channel4 and 5 (Which I kind of think I'm entitled to!) cos my analogue aerial is a bit rubbish.

Can anyone tell me if
a) The above doesn't make sense and I've clearly demonstrated my incompetence at simple english
:cool: Is there something completely obvious I'm doing wrong
c) Is there some bit of software I'm missing and/or that should be able to do this
d) Have I just got the wrong keys?
or, possibly:
e) It's not possible yet.

Sorry to have to ask a question that's probably been asked a hundred times, but I haven't managed to find any info in this one yet.



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The dish needs to be pointing at Astra 2 at 28E, not Astra 1 at 19E, but you will still only be able to watch the FTA channels which include the BBC ones.

ITV, C4 and 5 are encrypted and cannot be decrypted by anything other than the $ly Digibox as this has the necessary Videogaurd CAM built in.

So basically :cool: and e) !!!

Any idea where you can get a sly digibox from? can't buy them off the shelf in newzealand. also is there a way to crack them so that you can set up favorites etc, and get rid of the insert card measage.



Yankse will not get keys for you,it only descrambles after you have the keys.You need Fenrir and the nagra directory in with Yankse in same directory, Fenrir will get the keys from the stream and Yankse will take it from there. you will se a new "nagra.key" and a "softcam.used" file in the directory after Fenrir does its job. it Autorolls the keys fine after you get everything right. Make sure with MyTheatre that both Yankse AND Fenrir and all related files are in the MDPLUGINS directory, NOT the Plugins directory and it will operate correctly. Im using Yankse version 1.07.0 at present as the new version still has a few bugs in it and freezes sometimes. With ProgDVB put all of the above files in the programs ROOT directory.