A man is watching the football



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A man is watching the football on TV when his wife turns to him and says: "Honey can you fix the light in the hallway it keeps flickering"
"Fix the light, now, do I look as though I have London Electricity written across my forehead? I don't think so" the husband replies.
"Well could you fix the fridge door please it doesn't close properly" she adds.
"The fridge door, now! Do I look as though I have Hotpoint written across my forehead, I don't think so" he replies again.
"Well could you at least fix the steps to the house, they are nearly breaking and dangerous" she say despairingly.
What? The steps? For God's sake can you see B&Q across my forehead, No,I don't think so - I've had enough of this I'm going to the pub"
So off he goes and drinks until closing time. When he returns home he notices that the steps to house have been fixed. On entering the house the hall light is no longer flickering and on grabbing a beer from the fridge he is pleased to see the door closes properly. Somewhat pleased with this "disappearing to the pub tactic" he asked his wife how come everything is fixed.
She replies: Well you see when you left I sat on the front porch crying, when suddenly this handsome young man asked why I was so upset. I told him and he said that he would happily fix everything if I would either bake him a cake or have s_x with him"
"So" the husband enquires "what sort of cake did you bake him?"
"HELLO!!!" she replies, do I have Mr Kipling written on my forehead. No, I don't think so.