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A Video/Audio Transmitter

My Satellite Setup
Liberty, WinXP
My Location
My maine interest in satellite TV is movies. My receiver is attached to
one of my computers via an ATI All-In-Wonder capture card using Intrvideo
WinDVD 3 video capturing software.

I do the editing on Ulead Mediastudio 8 video editing software and authoring
on Ulead DVD Worhshop 2, which produces a ready to burn VIDEO_TS folder
compleat with menus and chapters when required.

My greatest disadvantage in this setup has been that in order to view a
sat. TV program I would ether have to use the computer monitor or
disconnect all the cables going to the computer and dish and connect to
the TV.

Recently, I bought a video/audio transmitter and was amazed with the
result. I was'nt sure about the quality of the picture because the TV is
in the floor above the computer and having concreate floors with steel
netting gave me the impression that the picture would suffer.

The result has been a very good picture and sound quality that you
would'nt tell the difference between the "original" picture and the one

All functions of the receiver can be accessed via its remote cont. just as
if you had the receiver infront of you. Now I am enjoying the "best of both


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My Satellite Setup
Triple Dragon and PC
My Location
East Hampshire - UK
Hi Debbie1. What make is your video sender? I have an AEG digisender and the picture frequently breaks up even when transmitted through wooden ceiling/floors and stud partition walls.