A worm ate my Windows files



Security experts have issued a warning over the newly intercepted A, B and C variants of the Tasin worm, which have begun to spread rapidly by email, vnunet.com reports.

The malicious worms use social engineering tricks to distract users while they are sent out from infected computers before deleting a large number of system files.

Tasin.A was first detected a few days ago. It has not been the centre of any explosive propagation, but has gradually crept up the rankings of the viruses most frequently detected by IT security firm Panda Software.

The worm arrives in an email written in Spanish. Both the subject and the text are highly variable, selected from a random list of options including:

re:xD no me lo puedo creer!! [I can't believe it!!]
re:Crees que puede ser verdad? [Do you think it could be true?]
re:Amor verdadero [True love]
My Satellite Setup
a variety of lnb's (5), dishes (2), diseqc motors (3) and receivers (4).
My Location
East of Cambridge (GB).
Thanks for that info net1

Regards AF