Accessibility for blind users to sky digital

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I am a visually impaired user of sky digital.

The sky digital system is very difficult for a visually impaired person to use as sky have only made token accessibility features available on the system.

Is their any system where I could download a schedule for the next week of all programs on sky digital into my computer?

if this exists the second part of my plan is more ambitious .

I would like to be able to get the chip codes for the sky remote control and then from my computer using an ir output device send the codes to the sky digital box

to better illustrate what I mean

lets say for example I wanted to watch the movie snatch and it was on channel 301 at 22:00 the software would send the signal to the sky digital box to
1 bring up the TV guide
2 select movies
3 highlight snatch
4 place it in the sky planner.

that is a simple illustration of what I mean and I know that I would have to make sure that the computer and digital box new the time in order to get the sequence of buttons right.

essentially what I am planning is to program a device to press all the buttons a person would press on their remote control in order to get the sky digital box to put this movie in their personal planner.

Is this an example of using a sledge hammer to crack a nut?
is there already a way of getting a computer system to send information to the sky digital system?


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Hi Martin, you can get a Schedule from there are also people working on remote control interfaces on their own forum, you may get some useful information there.


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Hello Martin

Yes DigiGuide is a first class tool, it also has a 'voice' facility which might be of use to you.


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