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advice please


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What can a receiver with a magic cam get that a patched receiver cant?
Also whats the difference between the 2 Dreambox models? I know that one has 2x magic cams and the other only 1 but i can't think when I might need 2..


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A lot of peeps out there have probs with the magic Cam at the Mo.What it is ,is that different recievers dont read it the same,and also magic Cams seem to read certain 6 in 1 files
like a bit of a lottery, Until theres a broad base of MM users
(like patched Hummie & Irdeto freecams) all you can really do is find som1 whos got a setup with a MM, purchase same setup,and follow his lead.(ive heard that the MM is no longer in production).
As for Dreambox the main difference between the 5000 and 7000 is 7000 has a Hard Drive.Theres
NO MM`s in these boxs but a collection of chips
as with the German D boxs. (but these are said to be reprogramable)