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Just doing some research before i decide what equipment to buy....

Ive been looking at the ss2 pci card but noticed that there are hardware conflicts with certain motherboards with the nVidia nforce4 chipset.
I read the problems were due to PCI2.3 compliant slots not supporting 5Volts. A couple of boards were mentioned (mainly Asus A8N) but i want to know if its all the boards with this chipset.

My motherboard is the ABit AN8 with the nforce4 chipset and cant see it mentioned anywhere. Ive also read all the documentation that came with the board and it doesn't mention anything about the pci voltage or whether its pci2.2 or2.3.

If this is a problem, would there be any disadvantages of getting the skystar usb (apart from it being a bit dearer) instead?

Last thing........ I live on the coast and its always windy, could anyone recommend a H to H motorised dish setup (Preferrably 90cm if thats big enough) thats not going to end up in someone elses garden the next time we get gales (p.s. i'm fabricating my own wall mount out of angle bar and it will take a 3" pole)


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I don't think I would trust the motherboard based on the chipset.

The main disadvantage with the USB is the slight concern that exists with the aftermaket DiSEqC plugin, as it does not support DiSEqC 1.2 out of the factory.

Taking that a bit further, with your dish requirements, I would certainly go for a 36V motorised setup and not DiSEqC. That means a VBOX to convert DiSEqC 1.2 commands to 36V motor driving commands.

Hey! you just overcame the main problem with the SS2 USB, as I believe that the concerns are with the supply of power, and as your motor power will come from the VBOX, you should be fine.

This sounds on paper to be a great setup.

The only drawback?

I've never seen it done.



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The mobo problem I am lead to believe is only with Asus ones.I have an MSI k8n platinum with nforce4 chipset and has run for two weeks without a hitch and no smell of smoke.Further to this problem is that it is only happening on the SLI boards by ASUS,so if you are not sure keep away from a pci ss2 board.
I only found out after installation of mine and reading various threads that this problem existed.