advice required - reliable PVR card and box

My Satellite Setup
My Location
I would appreciate some advice/opinions on specifying some hardware :

1. I need to specify a good PVR satellite PCI card that has a CI module - I know that there are a few choices but would appreciate any knowledge of issues/driver stability/software vs hardware mpg decoding as these are going into a commercial application and then being sent to sites abroad.

2. Likewise I am considering using PVR set top box instead of PC but ideally need Ethernet interface to be able to download recorded programs and edit them in UK and re-upload with a play list. Specifically need something that has a loopout of the IF from the dish as I only get one downlead at each venue (installed by others)

3. Ditto a USB box that I can take with me as hand baggage to 20 locations to test and assess the sites even if it doesnt have a CI slot

Any comments on the reliability/stability or otherwise of drivers much appreciated. I know its asking a lot of the forum as a newbie so willing to exchange all information on the knowledge gained from building and shipping 20 such systems in return..