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Age fibbers


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I was listening to Radio 5's Simon Mayo show the other day and heard actor David Morrissey talking about his new horror film.

I know this guy because I met him in 1983 when he was starring in a Channel 4 short about a man who gets his foot caught in a hole in the ground and he can't get it out. The film was only 15 minutes long and it was part of a series called Short And Curlies. :eek:

Anyway, I was an extra and I got talking to David, who told me at the time he had just graduated from RADA, and that he was 22 years old. His birthdate being 1961.

When I heard his interview, I went to the Internet Movie Data Base and looked up what he had done since 1983. There, I was gobsmacked. They have his date of birth as 1964. Yeah, right. :D :-rofl2

He specifically told me he was 22. Plus, you don't graduate from RADA before you're 19!

I tried to correct the date, but his information is locked. :mad: Ha. :D