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Al Jazeera creates digital package


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Al Jazeera creates digital package


Well known Qatar`s information channel Al Jazeera is to create its own digital package on Arabsat 2D - 25,8E satellite. Besides Al Jazeera Satellite Channel, which has changes its name to Al Jazeera 1, Qatar TV channels is also available and test broadcast of four Al Jazeera television channels and two radio stations.

The new Arabic package will broadcast from transponder 123, frequency 10,971H of the Arabsat 2D - 25,8E satellite. In the frames of the package as many as four thematic Al-Jazeera channels will be available. At the moment, Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel and Qatar TV television channels and Sout Al-Khaleej 100,8 FM and Qatar Radio stations broaadcast in clear as the parts of the new package.

Satellite receiver search: Al Jazeera 2, Al Jazeera Sport, Al Jazeera Documentary and Al Jazeera Children test broadcasts. The main channel of the package, Al Jazeera is found as Al Jazeera 1.

Transponder 123 parameters are:
10,971H (SR=17774, FEC=3/4).

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