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Apr 4, 2009
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90cm Fortec Star Dish
1.2mtr Channelmaster Dish
Manhattan Plaza 3300 Receiver
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Neath, South Wales. UK
I am thinking of purchasing an al jazeera sports card this summer so i can watch the carling cup and fa cup next season but since im quite new to satellite cards i just want to make sure i get it right. First of all i will need a digital receiver with a cam slot if i have read right. I currently have a technomate TM-3000D so i am wondering since this model has no cam slot if anyone can recommend a basic technomate or manhattan digital receiver which can either take a viewing card or a cam.
Secondly if the receiver requires a cam i was thinking of purchasing an irdeto cam. On e-bay ive seen a few irdeto cams but im a little confused which ones would be suitable for using with al jazeera. some of the cams say that they are made by scm microsystem and others say dual mode cam by icecrypt while others say made by smit. A little confusing for me and i assume that these on ebay are ok.
Thirdly is purchasing the viewing card itself again ive seen al jazeera sports card +1 to +8 for £80 on irdeto. Is it wise to buy the cards from ebay or should i spend a bit more and buy from somewhere else. Sorry for all the questions i just want to get this right.
Lastly i have an old manhattan receiver here which works and has two cam slots on it, ive never used the slots so have no idea if they work. Is there anyway of knowing the cam slots work before buying the card and am i ok to buy the cam now and the sports card later in the summer. Any help or advice on these matters is greatly appreciated.