ALERT:Caution: Email Scam Spoofs AOLAttempts to Steal Your Identify



A new "phishing" email scam, supposedly from AOL's Billing Center, claims that AOL's customer database has been breached and all customer data needs to be re-entered into Secure Your Information's (SYI) new database. The email includes a link to a website ( with a web form that asks for such information as your employer's name, parents' name, your social security number, state driver's license number, credit card information including credit limits, even your checking account routing number.

Audaciously, the page ends with the following warning: 'Entering Fraudulent information is against the law. If done so on this form you are now hereby notified that AOL will persecute, fine, and charge anybody trying to commit fraud with our accounts.'

'Phishing' scams attempt to trick you into revealing sensitive personal information either by responding to email or by submitting a form on a web site. In this case, both the email and the web page are very convincing.

Email can be easily intercepted and decoded; never include sensitive information in email. Additionally, never submit sensitive information to a website with a URL that does not begin with "https://". HTTPS is the secure server protocol that can be confirmed by right-clicking the web page and viewing the server's security certificate.

If you're in doubt about the authenticity of a request for sensitive information, call the company and confirm the request. Make sure that you use the company's published telephone number, not one included in the email.

If you suspect that you're being scammed, forward a copy of the suspect email to the Federal Trade Commission ( full text of the AOL scam email is included below:

'Dear AOL member,'

'We regret to inform you that there was a recent attack by a hacker on your billing or password information.'

'We have made a contract with SYI - Secure Your Information to upgrade our account databases on to their web servers.'

'Please Click Here and fill out the information requested.'

'Failure to do so could cause your AOL account to be suspended until further notice.'

'If you comply to this email and upgrade your account information on this site, you will receive 100 hours of free AOL time.'

'If this is a child or teenager reading this email please notify your parents or the account holder to update the account information.'

'We are sorry for the inconvenience.'

'If you have received this email before and have already submitted your information on our secure servers, you may have done so in error.'

'Please re-submit your information so we can provide you with the best security the internet has to offer.'

'Please do not reply back. Go directly to our site.'

Section Head 109
America Online Billing Department
Main Office
7897 Hugher St.
Dallas, Texas.


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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Its a good site and boy does it ask for some information, gave them loads. :D I think that everyone ought to take a few minutes and fill out some of the information. :)


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Filled in Yo mamma billing adress etcetera




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AOL (who have accused this site of spamming) need to get their own act in order.
I am an AOL user (moved from CS2000 as that was taken over by them).

Found I was getting oodles of spam. Set up an all new account and that was spammed within days. Now that is weird.

It now transpires that some lowlife AOL employee was selling email addresses to advertisers. It must have been an automated transfer to have happened so quickly to my new account.


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Site is down, oww, I wanted to have some fun this quiet Monday morning