'Almost 25,000 people had s_x at Glastonbury'



A survey by music weekly NME found 22% of the 112,000 attendance had s_x.

Of those, 56% did it on Friday night - and were too tired to do it the next day when just 6% romped.

Many couples couldn't wait until the official opening day of the three-day event, with 17% having s_x on the Thursday, says The Sun.

Sunday saw 13% get saucy and 8% had post-festival s_x on the Monday. The magazine says 71,000 festival-goers saw others naked at the Somerset site - and 65,000 admitted taking drugs there.

Three-quarters of those questioned thought festival toilets were "like a cesspit". A spokesman for NME said: "We wanted to know everything about the weekend - and readers obliged."

Meanwhile readers were most impressed by Radiohead, who polled nine-and-a-half out of 10 after they headlined on the Saturday night.

REM got eight for their Friday performance, with Moby receiving just six-and-a-half for his Sunday slot.

NME said 66% called the 2003 festival mind-blowing. Less than 1% called it overrated. Just 3% were affected by crime.