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Alphacrypt CI with Cryptoworks

German Mascom company has a Philips licence on the followng encryption system embedded into the Alphacrypt Common Interface module. At the moment Alphacrypt module has Irdeto and BetaCrypt encryptions. Now, the number of encryptions will be enlarged for CryptoWorks.

Update for Alphacrypt CI CAM will be available on the transponder 117 of the Astra - 19,2E satellite, which is rented by ORF.

Until now, the Alphacrypt CI has only two encryptions embedded Irdeto i BetaCrypt. However, since Austrian digital package ORF has started to use beside BetaCrypt also CryptoWorks encryption, Mascom company has design a special update for Alphacrypt CI module in accord to the signed licence with Philips.

Within a few days, a new update for Alphacrypt CI will be accesible on one of the ORF transponders of the Astra satellite, with frequency 12,693H (SR=22000, FEC=5/6). Newertheless, AlphaCrypt moduls have to have a 1.1 software version, which is accessible on the market for one year. The older versions, have to be updated to the 1.1 version at first. The all necessary updates are accesible on the Internet wewbsite -

Thanks to the new update, Alphacrypt CI will become a first legal Multicrypt (universal) module with as many as three encryptions: Irdeto, BetaCrypt and CryptoWorks.

Regards SATDUDE. :D