Analogue/Digi upgrade ?



I have a 1.2 dish with Analogue reciever . I also have a Digital reciever and small dish . Would it be possible to fit my digital LNB to the bigger dish and into the digital reciever to roam the satelites like I do on the Analogue system . Thus recieving channels free like Viva 1 & 2 on Hotbird 13"East or any other channels that are clear like on the analogue sats without need for any other equipment ?


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Yes, and indeed if you already have such a large motorised dish I'm surprised you hadn't done this from day1.... :-)

Of course, how easy it is to program and zap though digital channels from all those sats, and which range of digital channels you can recieve (eg scpc/mcpc, which symbol rates, etc.) depends on what kind of digital receiver you have (you didn't say). To get the most out of your steerable large dish you should ideally have a digital receiver with specific multi-sat capability and supporting CI decryption modules. Pretty well everything modern on the market fits the bill here (except for a few proprietary systems such as the Canal+ Mediasats, Sky Digiboxes, etc.)