Another comedy Bohemian Rhapsody spinner


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Dec 31, 1999
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May have comedy value for some

"Roy Keanes Lament" to be sung to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody.

"Oh dear, I just kicked a man Theres a screw loose in my head, I went and
tried to break his leg, Bugger, the seasons just begun, But now, I've gone
and thrown it all away, The Nevilles are Poo -ooh -ooh - ooh, They just make
me want to sigh, We'd be better off with Hattie Jaques or Kenneth Williams,
>From Carry on, Camping, The whole teams just in tatters.

Its too late, my crime is done, Tried to mangle Alfies spine, Now he's
aching all the time, Goodbye Mick McCarthy, I've got to go, Got to leave the
squad behind, Im in a mood. Veron, is poo, yes its true, He doesn't seem to
try, I sometimes wish he'd never been bought at all.

I see a little packaged sandwich filled with prawns, Lauren Blanc, Lauren
Blanc, Is he on a bleedin go slow ? Wes Brown and Phillip Neville, those
stupid dolts can't frighten a flea, WHERE IS RIO ?, where is rio?, WHERE IS
RIO?, where is rio?, Lauren's too slow, (slow, slow, slow)

I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me * He's just a headcase who walked
out on his country, Spare us the whines of his gaffer, if you please. Here
it comes, Open goal, Diego Forlan, He must score. HE WILL NOT. ** NO, He
will never score. Let him score, HE WILL NOT, He will never score. Let him
score, HE WILL NOT, He will never score. Let him score, Don't think he'll
ever score, Don't think he'll get a single goal, (goal, goal, goal) Oh where
is Rio? where is Rio ? What do you mean he's stubbed his toe ? Beelzebub
take the Nevilles from my side, Oh Please ? Oh Please, Oh Pleeeeeeeaaaase?

So you think I abuse refs and spit in their eyes, Do you think that I like
it that I am despised ? Or maybe, Even though I seem crazy, I'm just a
stupid lout, just a stupid lout, out of beer.

All the guys I've clattered, even poor Alfie, My reputations shattered, I
just feel the need to batter, don't you see ? Anyway now where did Mick go

Peeled off the end, I thought.:eek:


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May 1, 1999
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Like it, shame picking on poor misunderstood Roy like that though. ;)


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Jan 1, 2000
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essex boy
please, please stop attacking Keano, he's the world most mis-understood man....

I mean, i can never understand why man u paying him 100k a week to break people legs???? Could have done it much cheaper!