Antenna offset for the 2.4m Andrews and motors



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Hi guys,

I'm not an expert on the antenna world, but i have some question that maybe you can solve for me.

- What is the feed offset of the andrew antenna 2.4 meters? I mean the feed arm has an offset that i need to rest when i'm pointing a satellite, do you know that offset?

- I have a couple of KU-Band antennas 2.4 from Andrew and I was wondering if it is possible to add motors to it. I can see that you have done some things with it in the pictures. Which kind of engine i can attach? is it difficult to install?



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when you dont find a polarmount for your 2,4m dish,then the only solution,is a egis focus motor for your,with special adapter plate between the dish and the motor!!
price is now very high,over 2000€,but all the parts you looking for are sold out here in europe!.and the big problem on commscope now,the are not very helpful,on the hotline ,when you look for something special,in germany the say,no we cannot help you,give you other phonenumbers,of people,that maybe can help,then you call them,then the say the same,and you give you the same phone number then you have called before,andrew usa,also dont ship to europe,with one word,iam sure,the have some special parts,somewhere in there hq of each country,but the will not help,to loock in there own computersystem,where the part would be avalible in europe !
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Cheaper to have a local metalworks make up a polarmount using some car steering parts.