any info about Lazer CI 2005



My Satellite Setup
Digital receivers: Mediamaster 9600, d-box1, Clarke-Tech 1500 Plus, Skystar1 rev. 1.3;
LNB: 2xInverto 0.3dB, Panorama C-band 13 kelvin;
Dish: 2x1.8m primefocus, Prodelin 1.4m offset;
Diseqc 1.2 positioners
My Location
When I found this receiver, the firmware in there was "03-1045.5" and with this soft I can not get any image on my tv (not even for FTA channels). Looking on the internet I found that this firmw. is for FTA version receiver (Lazer 2005 FTA) so in the store my receiver was updated with an incompatible patch. On the net I also found that this receiver is 100% compatible with many other receivers, like: Goldmaster SAT-8300 CI, Maximum S-902 CI, Opticum 1200 CI, Sky Plus 4400 CI, Onwa X13-CIM and others and for this receivers the newest firmware is "05-1244.3". So, with this information in my hand, I patched the Lazer receiver and now everything is OK. I have also a web address for downloading day-by-day the newest firmw. with updated AES keys, but which I want now, is to homemade this key-refreshing and other modifications in the software (ex. changing background image, language etc.). Is there possible?
So, I'm interested for any information (links, utilities) about Lazer CI 2005.
Thanks! Happy new year for everyone!

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