Any KaZaA uses been contacted by their ISP?


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It seems record and film companies are setting up (or rather employing companies set up) systems that are filled with their material, films, audio tracks etc and then run KaZaA on them. They then record the ip addresses of all the users who try to download any of the files. With the date, time and files access attempt logs recorded they send an e-mail to the registered “owner” of the ip block (normally this would be your ISP) threatening to take the user of that ip address on the given day and time to court for copyright theft.

Here at university KaZaA and so on are not surprisingly quite popular and students have been getting emails from EMI and Warner Bros (which were first sent to the uni admin people who kindly forwarded them onto the users of the listed ip addresses)

I’m just wondering if anyone has, or knows of someone who has been contacted by their ISP for the same reason. If not then it seems that the companies are either only targeting universities or ISP’s are simply ignoring them.


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On the alt.internet.p2p newsgroup, there have been several reports of this, I think that they are concentrating on the large organisations who have large bandwidth to abuse. Universities are obviously a prime candidate and are a hotbed of file swapping.