Anyone else having trouble picking up Hispa 11.615 H 27500?


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I have a very weak signal on this frequency. I paid £80 for someone to come out and align the dish to the satellites after strong winds and he tuned 43E and 30W in for me but then said I'l;l leave you to do the rest. Can you believe that? I paid him £80!!!!!

And now, what I always worried about is not being able to pick up some frequencies as good as I used to. 11.615 H 27500 was a great strength before the strong winds and even after I had a man align the satellites he hasn't done hisd bloody job right coz I can't pick up that frequency now!!!!



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That one causes me problems too. Unless the weather is 100% perfect, the picture breaks up. Maybe a weak transponder?

But it does sound like your dish is not perfectly aligned, and if you've paid someone to do it then they should really put it right for you. Have you tried stepping the motor a little one way or the other to see if that helps? I find myself doing this quite regularly.

If you can't fix it by moving the motor, the only other solution is to get out the ladder and tweak the dish a little.