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Anyone from fringe area has used Prodelin 2.4 M fibreglass at KU


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STRONG SRT-4910+,SunRay4HDse,TBS5922, 2.4M P.F Apstar7(76.5 DEGE), 120cm dish PAS 10 Ku( 68.5 DEGE),3.0M Mesh Motorised dish on arc (AM44 (11DEGW) to AM33(96.5 DEGE),150 cm dish W3C(16 DeG E)+ side LNB Ew2A(10 DEGE),90cm W4/W7 (36 DEGE)
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Anybody from fringe area has ever used a prodelin 2.4 m fibreglass and seen an improvement. I have used one for communication at C-band only. It came with a c band feedhorn. I do not know if it can be used at KU with improvement over a 1.2 M DISH. Theoretically it should but i've read reports that KU users do not used prodelin because of embedded mesh causing problems at KU. Any comment from Cyprus or elswhere.