AOL users and Dreambox



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It is common knowledge that AOL users cant network directly to the net unless they use selected routers which AOL only offer!

There is a way around it. Instead of logging onto to the net through the AOL software, log on as follows:-

On a pc with XP, Start, Control Panel, Network connections, Create a new connection, conect to internet, set up connection manually, CONNECTION USING DIAL UP MODEM (even though you are using adsl modem), type any isp name, type any number, username ( this has to be your aol username but make sure you put on the end..and make sure all in lower case) , password (this is your standard aol password), make this deafult connection (uncheck), turn on firewall (uncheck), FINISH. (this will now be located...start, control panel, network connections, right click on your new connection, proporties, advanced, firewall (unchecked), allow other users to connect through this pc's connection (unchecked), OK.....should be done

this will now allow you to acces the internet for your pc and your DB,,without the AOL software. you can use internet explorer etc.

you will have to access ipconfig/all (in dos) to get your new values