Apple and Sony in settlement over battery fire

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Jun 26, 2007
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Apple and Sony have agreed to a joint financial settlement with a Japanese couple after the man was left burned when a Sony-made battery in his Apple laptop caught fire.
According to Japan's news agency, Kyodo News, Apple and Sony reached the settlement with the man and his wife on April 2 at the Osaka District Court. The amount being touted as the final settlement figure is 1.3 million Yen (£6,500).
The case was originally brought before the courts in July 2007 after the battery caught fire and left the man with burnt fingers and a damaged carpet. The female plaintiff claimed she had been left in shock by the incident.
While Apple has admitted liability for the man’s injuries, it also claimed that the couple’s initial claim for compensation was excessive, forcing them to contest the case in court.
Sony, meanwhile, has refused to admit that there was any link between the fire and the battery.
In 2006, however, Sony was forced to recall some 9.6 million lithium-ion batteries following numerous similar reports of overheating and instability.