Apple Apps go live

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Jun 26, 2007
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A slew of applications have been launched at WWDC by Apple, and it’s much as expected from the fruity company.

A plethora of companies have come up with new Apps for the iPhone thanks to the 2.0 firmware, including Sega and eBay.

Sega showed off a version of "Super Monkey Ball" using the tilt function of the iPhone, and the graphics were certainly impressive. The game will be among the first available, and will retail for $9.99.

eBay also showed off its new App, as it said the iPhone was the number one device for accessing eBay from a mobile, according to Ken Sun from eBay.

The demonstration showed how easy it was to search for new items, and included a custom photo viewer.

TypePad, one of the biggest blogging sites in the world, also showed off an App for the device, and also announced it would be available for free, as it is on a number of smartphones already. Photos for this App can be selected from a gallery, or using pictures taken from the camera.

Pangaea Software also showed off their games ported from Mac OS X to iPhone, apparently making them better than they were. Enigmo, a physics based game, and CroMag Rally, which used the tilt function to steer a car in the game.* Both are available for $9.99 at launch.