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Dear all,

I have just installed a motorised dish and echostar pvr 5020 receiver. I have it working now but I'm not sure I'm seeing all of the Satellites I should.

I'm not sure but think we have some tweaking to do. The site where we are can actually see very little of the West but does have a good view to the East. Although once we get around to our most Eastern point we may well have some problems with trees.

Anyway I am wondering if we need to tweak the Arc made by the dish when moving in some way as we don't seem to receive signals from as many satellites as I thought we might.

We have managed to tune into the following;

Turksat 1C
Eurobird 3
Astra 2
Arabsat 2-3A
Astra 3A
Astra 1
Eutelsat W3A
Atlantic bird 3
Atlantic Bird 2.

Looking through the issue of What Satellite I have I think I should be receiving more eastern birds than I am. What do you think ?

Do I need to adjust the Arc traversed by the dish, If so do you have any hint/tips on how I might do that ?

Thanks again for all of your help.




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You should also be able to see Hellas Sat 39 East, EutelsatW2 @16 East, Sirius 5 East

And Thor 1 West and a couple of others, but they are the main ones. You may need to make sure that you have the correct transponder listed for each bird, as some you cannot see. See the Sticky at the top of thsi page.


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You have to take the following into account:

1. You are on 0,26 longitude and have better chances for birds in the west. You will never make it to receive 75 E, the last bird with a Europe footprint in the east, like I do for instance because the evaluation is just above your "ground" 1,05 degrees. For me on 11,2 longitude so more east the degree is 8,6 degrees on 75 E so quite a bit higher. But since it only carriers Russian programs do not mind to much. Better is 68,5 E with South African TV (pretty good by the way) would have 4,71 degrees for you. Is still quite low but there is a chance. My evaluation is 12,66 degrees by the way.

Now the birds on the west are better for you than for me. Lets take 58 W which has an degree for me of 5,12. Your angle would be 10,45 so much higher. Now I'm not sure if I could receive 58 W because my motor ends on (70W-70E) and I miss 4,7 degrees on the scale so I cannot really tell but it might be very close. Lend me your motor and I will check since it has (90E-90W range) :-)

So it really depends on your location and West seems a problem for you.

2. You might always have a tree or a slope in your way the more you go into "ground"

3. Also make sure you check the proper Transponder with your footprint since some birds have footprints not on Europe. Often the pre settings in the receiver do not match your needs. Change the transponder

I had only a couple of stored birds and some did not have the right Transponder. I had to enter the new ones manually. I was able to store 20 more birds besides the ones already setup. So as you can see I'm quite fortunate on receiving 27 birds altogether but I have a good position geographically and no house or tree in my way since I just manage to get over them all :-)

But a lot of birds carry languages I can not deal with since I'm narrowed down to German and English only :-)

Also try Nile Sat, the others Rolf mentioned should work fine, on 7W on a strong vertical transponder. Try the MBC 2 and 4 Transponder which has a very good program. MBC 2 with 24 hour movies in English with Arabic subtitle and all FTA. But it might not work for you since 1m is very close.