Arcam announces new affordable amp

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Jun 26, 2007
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While £750 may not be affordable in everyone’s eyes, it’s something of a bargain for AV enthusiasts when that sort of price is tagged on to an FMJ (full metal jacket) amp from Arcam.
The FMJ A28 is Arcam’s latest mid-price offering that shares the same wide band technology and ultra stable thermal management as its higher-priced bedfellow, the A38.
Sound advice
The A28 houses some new components that help to produce clearer sound. Sanken output devices and improved thermal coupling stable the amp’s temperature, while the company’s Mask of Silence tech makes sure that every detail of sound is reproduced faithfully.
The FMJ A28 offers 75wpc continuous power output and has six line level inputs. Its ultra-wide design is said to make it perfect for listening to hi-def music, so it’s ideal if you want to test out your SACD music collection.
The A28 is a replacement of the DiVA A70 and A90, the main aesthetic difference being the metal casing, which is said to reduce nasty vibrations that could scupper your audio enjoyment.
The FMJ A28 is available now.