are you using an OPENBOX or STRONG Receiver ???



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I am hoping that somebody from the forum will know the OPENBOX receiver

I am having a spot of bother understanding how to upgrade the new keys INTO the x800.
I understand HOW the ZIP file works.
But, what I CANNOT remember is HOW to get this file FROM my laptop INTO the Openbox receiver...

I had the receiver installed on January 25th this year.
The man who installed it, did not show me how to upload these keys INTO the x800.
Since then I have lost my Tequilla and Multivision channels off Eurobird, Hotbird and Hispastat.

I have the latest KEYS, version 4.76
I also have the GASI ALLUPDATER Version 1.00 Programme and AND the USB to Serial Cable to connect the Laptop to the x800 receiver.

However, what I do NOT know.... is HOW do I get the keys INTO the Receiver.

I remember that I have to switch Off the Receiver
and then connect the cable to the laptop.
I THINK that I then have to send some Numbers from the Remote Control to the Receiver
I think that I then have to switch the receiver ON Again.......

I do NOT know the ORDER in which this happens, and I also do NOT know the NUMBERS used from the Remote Control....

My x800 information screen tells me that I have Boot Loader 1.00
The Software Version is OA 10 V00 4.64
The Hardware Version is Openbox x_800
and the last update was January 25 2006

I would be very grateful if a kind hearted forum user had the Time to explain these procedures to me.
Then i will be able to update the New keys, each time that they appear on
h**p://fil* or h**p://sat.n**x.php?Lev=files&get=Satellite_Receivers/OpenBOX/OpenBOX-X800/

Meanwhile.... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for assisting me so far and I hope that you can explain what i now need to know.............

Gerry Duffy, IRELAND + 353 87 2586400
ze tuga

ze tuga

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I fully sympathise with you for I was sold one of those, the guy upgraded it once (never explained how it is done) as he expected me to pay him every time keys changed.

Worst of all the guy disappeared and I have not a clue of what to do with it. So I am left with a piece of junk.

Meanwhile I have been told that this type of receivers is much liked by a certain type of primitive individuals who do not disclose any information about it so they can rip you off every time tghere is an upgrade.... However I rather dump the lot!

Good luck
Ze Tuga