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ART cards (again...)

Alan Waddle

Regular Member
just about to buy an ART card, just wondering where to buy from and which card - is there any advantage to buying the blue card instead of the scratch card as these seem to be more expensive?

as for the activation for the scratch cards, anyone had any problems with that recently? first-sat say they want the card number, plus "serial and ANB numbers" to activate the card - what are the latter 2, i thought they only needed the card number? the reason i ask this is i have a dreambox and wouldn't know what the serial number of that is, if that is what is required?

anyone buy the card of ebay, a few dealers there as well i see?

thanks for any help!
Hiya Alan
the blue cards are more expensive slightly than the scratch card because the blue cards are self activating when placed in the receiver.

however the "scratch cards" as they are know give u 7 days free. in that time your supplier will or should activate your card - as u rightly said he
requires the numbers off the back ie the anb number is usually the only one
they ask for ie ANB300001234 and normally your invoice number on the reciept from whom you purchased off.

hope thats sorted u out.



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if i were you i would buy self acctvating card mate their quite reasonable at 90 odd pound and less hasle ,