Aston Cobra 203CI 204 SKY CAS do u know it?



Hello everyone!:)
Greeting to all!

Sorry for my English
Somebody could tell me how I can restaur TV channels and satellites that I programmed before and I disposed it on 8 groups of favourites on my démo Aston (cobra203CI 204 SKY CASE)
Problem is me appeared when I wanted to arrange my chains on each of the satellites by Name with my remote control.
Here I explain, I chosen the satellite at which I want to look and I click on a button (red) of my remote control, I have one fall of sorting by: NAME, FTA, LOCK or encryptions), I chose of them arranged by name, all at once disappeared. I tried other sorting, no success.
For information, the following satellites have were programmed on my Démo before Bug (Astra, Hotbird, Sirius, Asiasat, 2, Apstar, Thaicom, Turksat, Arabsat2, Nilsat and others. I checked off Hotbird and I have scanne for the second time they appeared again. Problem, it is when I have scanne a second time other satellites (Astra, Sirius etc), I lost other satellites and blow other channels.
A particular, I did not lose the chains of Radio and their satellites. When I click on the button radio of the remote control, all the chains of radio appear, but when I click on TV there is no one TV chain, except the chains of the list of favourite.
I do not any more succeed in finding all my channels, I do not know how and why they disappears.
If somebody has an idea what it is, I shall be happy to hear it. I know that I have Démo not as the others, it is in fact a clone of Aston, but I know nothing on it.
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