Aston Martin's DB5 voted coolest car ever



The James Bond car, the Aston Martin DB5, has been voted the coolest car of all time.

The model got the accolade in a list of 100 most cool cars compiled by Top Gear magazine.

Second behind the DB5 was off-road vehicle the Land Rover Defender, with the Smart Roadster third and the Audi RS6 fourth.

British-built cars which finished well up the list included the Mini, which was 10th, the Range Rover (12th) and the Jaguar E-Type (36th).

The DB5 featured in the 1960s' Bond film Goldfinger. Top Gear said today: "Goldfinger made Bond and it probably made Aston Martin too."

Of the Land Rover Defender, the magazine said: "Pitch up in a Defender and you could be a farmer, a banker, a greengrocer, or the Queen, and no one will question your choice of wheels."

Top Gear also produced their least cool cars of all time - a list headed by the Rover 25 Streetwise, of which the magazine said: "Say it out loud: 'Rover, Streetwise'. Doesn't work, does it? Sorry Rover, who are you trying to kid?"