Astra 19.2 reception in southern Kazakhstan



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Star Track SR-X1050 ---
1.2m and 1.0m Ku offset dish with 0.3dB LNB --- 1.8m prime focus C-Band dish
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I am currently living in southern Kazakhstan in the neighbourhood of Shymkent (70.5 East, 42.4 North). Although I am able to receive Hotbird and some Russian satellites, I would love to point a dish to Astra at 19.2E and receive Dutch channels from that location. There is no need to receive all channels, I am mostly interested in horizontal transponders on the Astra 1G and 1H satellite and vertical transponders from 1KR.

What dish size would be recommended and is it possible to receive any channels here at all?

I know that I will need a fairly large dish because we are far away from the official footprint, but we have space (we live on the country side) and building regulations are not a real problem here.


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Terratec T-Stick+ (DAB+)
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Very difficult to answer but if you take a look here you might see that even in Ekaterinburg a 4.2m dish is been recommended. So don't expect anything below this size. For more precise information better ask at