Astra 19.2E/Telecom 5W with same dish ?

Hello all

I've been watching German TV via Astra 19.2E with a Nokia 1800 ird and 60cm dish happily for a while now ( from London 4th floor good clear view to the satelite )

Will I be able to use a larger dish with a second LNB and the same receiver to tune to BOTH Astra 19.2 AND tune into Telecom 2C 5W for French channels ?

Has anyone managed this and what would be recommended in terms of dish size / alignment ?

I presume I will feed both lines into the back of the receiver independently ( it has two inputs ) but where do I fit / buy a SECAM / PAL transcoder ?

One other thing - the receiver came without any instructions so how do I tune the second LNB in and how do I switch between them for watching ? ( I also don't have the original remote and use a "One for All URC-7541" if that helps. )

Thanks for any advice you may be able to give me


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You will be pushing it to get the 25 degree seperation on 1 dish. You would be much better off using a second dish for 5W. A Sky mini dish would probably work as the Atlantic Bird 3 bird is a very powerful one.

PAL-SECAM transcoders are horribly expensive - last one I saw advertised was 140 quid. The pics will just be in black and white if you dont use a transcoder.

If you happen to have a multistandard tv, you dont need one, the conversion will be done automatically.

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Its been done before but as analoguesat says, its not easy to achieve (unless you fit a polarmount and motor)

I take it the restrictions on planning are keeping you from going down two dish route, if so there are a couple of French channels in analogue on 13 East