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Jan 27, 2003
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Hi to everybody

I'm living in the southern outskirt of Rome ( EUR for those who know Rome ) and I have installed a .8 mt dish with a Grundig GDS 310/2 box, a 0.7 lnb and 15 mt cable ( software version 3.1a.5 )

With this installation I ( actually my beloved english wife..) can see all the channels but ITV at any hours of the day ant night.
Sometime I have some pixelation problem with Channel 4 but only at night and with rain.

These are the data that I got from the Manual Tuning menu of my GDS 310 ( I have always 100 % Signal Strength so I report only the quality level as read on the bar )

Time : 8:00 PM

Frq 11778 V 10% ( EPG )
Frq 11934 V 20% ( SKY CUST )
Frq 12148 H 20%
Frq 12168 V 30% ( Channel 4 )
Frq 12304 H 70%
Frq 12324 V 80%

As you can see all the data above should refer to the North Beam of Astra 2, namely the first 4 frequencies are from the 2A while the last 2 one should come from the 2B.

Now I have the following 2 questions :

1) Why I have a difference in quality level between the EPG and the Channel 4 frequencies ( I can ensure you that when I have some image break-ups on the SKY CUST channel I can still watch without problem Channel 4 )

2) Why I have such a striking difference between the 2A and the 2B beams when the footprint for the Nort Beam are suggesting that they should have the same EIRP level in my area ?

I'm sure that what I'm asking may sound naive but I would be very grateful if someone of you could provide me with some answer.

As for the 2D beam of course I cannot receive anything with a .80 mt dish , however considering what I can actually seen on my televsion there is a chance that the figure provided by ASTRA concerning the footprint are somewhat conservative and that this beam may be actually received with smaller dishes than 3 mt.

The problem for me is that I cannot install a large dish on my balcony so I fated to loose BBC ( I regret the radio channels in particular) on May, I can only just hope that Channel 4 and Five do not follow the BBC move.

Thanking in advance for your help