ATOM-9000 prob!!!!


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hello everyone. ive been given a digital receiver ATOM-9000 for service. the receiver when i switched it on would try to boot saying ON but shut down at the same sec all the time. so i tried to reprogram the receiver by downloading a patch from www.satgrecko. i managed to reprogram the receiver and in the end after procedure was done it turned on giving menu on the tv screen. but now the receiver has a prob, there is no 13/18 volt on the tuner that feeds the LNB. just because ive seen various receivers loaded with wrong soft not being able to feed the LNB cos of the wrong software, i wonder if its the patches fault that theres no 13/18volt for LNB. or theres a possibility its harwares failure? is there a site with original ATOM firmware so that i check if its software fault? thanx guys