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I am new to satellite stuff, and have been looking at the Dreambox threads (here and in various other places) - as is often written: having bought the box, a lot more becomes self-evident faster than one can pick up in forums. However before I splash out on a box (I expect a 7020) -
  • if I install updated img / k..s can the firmware provide AU at all or (as I think there are plug-ins) can they be downloaded automatically?
  • Is there a table / site anywhere that has frequency of key updates? I am looking specifically at TPS but others on Hotbird / Astra that I can pick up may well be of interest eurosport amongst others.
  • Do I need to manually update any each time.
I read that some are updated daily, are any more frequent than that?

I am sure the answers are out there somewhere & would be grateful for pointers to them.


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AU is possible with some providers, but usually you download a plugin to install the latest keys and run this regulary (or automatically).
TPS is autoupdate, install the mgcamd emu + setup files, activate, and switch to France 4 on Hotbird. You should have an image in less than a minute.
with the appropriate keys you can watch Digital+, premiere and Polsat. It's not difficult to find these keys, especially if you use a download script :-)
depending on the plugin you installed, if it's a shell script then you can run it automatically by adding it to the cron command. If this is chinese to you then you don't know much about unix, do you ? Just run the script manually then from time to time.
keys change very frequently, yes. TPS changes its keys every 20 minutes or so .....


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You need to update the keys daily (usually). Be aware that there are encryption changes planned for some of the major players and what is open today may be black tomorrow.