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audio input delay

My Satellite Setup
pentium4 3.2ghz
skystar2 rev2.3
1mtr dish & jaeger 99G 36v motor, with a superjack DP-6600. dvb-t aswell,in the process of setting up
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not sure whether to post this here or in tech forum (i feel this thread could hopefully benefit football watchers) and do not want to double post:-rules
i know admin will do the right thing:)

anyway here my senario and question:

senario:your watching footy on satellite, and listening to com on radio,
radio tells you someone has scored, 2secs later u see it on sat. very annoying 'O'-red (unless it's the opposing team in which case it gives you just enough time to look away:-rofl2 )

question: my computor has an audio in, can i plug radio into computor, then use some sort of audio delay program which i can set to marry up audio and video, if so does anyone know of such a program,

just had quick look around and there does seem to be loads of software, so has anyone done it and with what results
My Satellite Setup
Its my dad system, so i dont know what it is!!
My Location
The only thing i can think of doing to make it easy for yourself, is to buy a digital radio where you can pause it. There is one out, that has this facility.

And hey presto, in time with your sat pictures. Well worth it, if watching ART SPORTS 2.