Australia and US found to be 'gayest countries'



Researchers have concluded more than 17% of Australians and Americans are involved in mature content or mature content relationships.

It puts the countries equal first in the world for its proportion of homosexuals.

The worldwide survey of sexual habits by Durex found that at the other end of the scale, Vietnam recorded the lowest proportion of mature content and mature content relationships at 3%.

The company said faking orgasms is also common in Australia, with 47% of respondents admitting to doing so at least once.

This is almost twice the global average of 26%, reports the Herald Sun newspaper.

The company said Australians enjoyed a busy love life, having s_x on average 125 times per year. Hungarians came out on top, having s_x 152 times per year. But Australians were still ahead of Americans, at 118 times a year.

The survey also found phone, text and cyber s_x were gaining in popularity in Australia, with 43% indulging in "virtual reality s_x".

The company said more than 150,000 people took part in the online survey, which is now in its seventh year.