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Hope you will bear with a newcomer to all this, I have tried searching for an answer to my question but no joy so if its been asked before my apologies in advance.

I have just purchased a new Techonomate 5000 DAPCI with an Axas cam which I intend to use with an Irdeto card.

When I first set up the box (this afternoon) all seemed to be OK and I could view the channel that I need the viewing card for using the Axas cam. If I looked at the cam menu it told me the cam was Pentacrypt Ver 1.09. (Hope that means something to someone).

Not sure what I have done but now I cannot watch the channel in question at all, just get the message saying the channel is encrypted (well I know that!!). When I look at the info for the cam it no longer says Pentacrypt instead it now says "Dreamload" and nothing I do seems to change it.

If someone can tell me what I have done wrong, and hopefully how I can put it right I would very much appreciate it.

Seperate question but sort of related when using a cam should you put the card in the cam then the cam in the box or cam in the box then card in the cam? Also should the box be powered up or not when you insert/remove the cam?

Many thanks

J :rolleyes:

Just an update on the above. Having done some research on the www I have now identified that what I have done is to reset the cam back to its native state! Have now ordered a loader so that I can re-install the software onto the cam!! Would you not think firms supplying this kit would include some instructions so that those of us that like to twiddle can avoid the more obvious pitfalls!! Cheers J )(-red


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Hello J

Pentacrypt 1.09 is the software used to drive the cam and is one version that's used in the Magic Module. There is a section on the MM in this site. MMs themselves occasionally drop into dreamload if they haven't initialised properly. Alternatively putting them in and out of the slot 3 times in fairly rapid succession can wipe the software and put them into dreamload. I don't know too much about the Axas cam, (maybe someone else on here does). I suppose it is re-programmable if there is a prob with it? I always put the cam and card into my Echostar at the same time. Sometimes its off and sometimes not but.


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jimbo said:
MMs themselves occasionally drop into dreamload if they haven't initialised properly.
Can't you reprogram the module through the receiver if you
connect it directly to your computer?

I had my CAM reprogrammed by the supplier (as it was playing
up without any twiddling!) and they put a later version of
Pentacrypt on it. There are some dodgy versions doing the rounds
and this later version was from Wizard Satellite. It did seem to
be an improvement though.