AXAS2 CAM decrypts limited channels



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Please help 'cos my heads gonna explode ........please??
Technomate 5500CIP, AXAS2 CAM (Matrix Reloaded clone) running MR v1.055 loaded for VIACCESS, SECA, IRDETO and NAGRAVISION and a Galaxy3 (Funcard 5) with IRDETO so the receiver tells me.
I looked at the CAS keys for MR v1.055 from the setup menu edit CAS Keys and checked with keycodes on the web to check the keys are up todate - which they seem to be. I can edit keys from the remote.

Being new I just pointed the 1.4 single LNB at Astra 19.2E switched on the Technomate with CAM & Funcard inserted to see what I got.
Managed to watch MTV & VH1 channels and Motors2 as well as FTA.

Then pointed at Hotbird 13.0E and got BBC Prime (Viaccess), VH1 (Viaccess after a bit) and some other Viaccess stuff plus FTA.

For some reason I cannot receive Eurosport or MTV on HotBird (Viaccess although the key codes are correct)
For some reason I cannot receive any SECA channels.
For some reason I cannot receive VIACCESS BBC Prime etc without the Funcard5 inserted.

I saw on the web
- should have set receiver to FTA channel (no CAM or CARD), switch off, insert CAM (no card), switch on, goto set-up menu, goto "set default key" (this puts CAM in learning mode), select scrambled channel Eurosport, wait till decoded and thats it.

Did all that. Well nothing changed! (for me anyway)O-no
Is the fact that I initially put the CAM and Funcard in together that caused a decoding problem?

Hope this explains some stuff to others as well as getting my questions answered.