Bagle turns to anti-spam trick



Three new Bagle variants (N, O and P) discovered over the weekend differ from previous incarnations because they use an anti-spam trick to try and avoid detection by antivirus software, but experts believe that the attempt won't succeed, ZDNet UK reports.

The new versions of the worm arrive under the guise of an encrypted Zip file with a password included in the form of a graphic or picture file, so a simple text scan of the infected email would not find the password. This trick is commonly used by Web sites when displaying email addresses to hide from Web-bots that trawl the Internet looking for potential spam targets.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, told ZDNet UK it is ironic that the Bagle author is using an anti-spam trick against the "good guys", but said it won't present a big problem for antivirus companies