Bath time for Bonzo with waterproof Viera TV

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Jun 26, 2007
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Previously, Panasonic has extended its strong Vierabrand name from flat-screen television sets to mobile phones in Japan, so it’sto be expected that it should continue to leverage the brand awareness.

The latest device to carry the marquee is aportable 5-inch digital TV that is being marketed very specifically at women intheir 20s who want to watch television in the bath. And we aren’t making thisup, by the way.


Dubbed ‘Viera 1-seg’, the 250g set picks up digitalbroadcasts that are tailored for small-screen mobile devices, such as phonesand car sat-navs - something we’ve previously looked at in detail here.

As you might have guessed, the new set iswaterproof – its IPX7 rating means it can survive 30 minutes in 1m of water, sothat’s good for all but the deepest baths.


In addition to the standard model (SV-ME70), arecording version (SV-ME75) will be available at the end of this month for storingbroadcasts on SD cards. Panasonic has included a 1GB card, which is good forhalf an hour or so.

The pricing is slightly high, at ¥38,000 (£185) forthe standard model and ¥45,000 (£220) for the recording version, but Panny’sresearch suggests there may be takers regardless of the price.

You dowhat in the tub?

According to the Japanese press release, thecompany surveyed 200 women in their 20s last month and found that 51 per centwant to watch TV in the bath, while 64 per cent fancy a spot of music too.

Ratheroddly, 26 per cent want to sleep (heard of drowning?), 8 per cent want to use acomputer, half a per cent are interested in working and a surely sick 1 percent actually want to eat in the bath. Ugh.